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Trivia Hunts for Active Learning

February 5, 2014 No Comments

When working with elementary students, I try to mix in some activities that get them up and about, especially in the afternoon. One of their favorite activities is a Trivia Hunt. They are simple to do and the kids learn a lot in the process!

Beforehand, I post about a dozen index-sized cards containing information on a topic throughout our hallway. Here is an example of 4 trivia cards about Rockhopper penguins.


Penguin-trivia-3 Since this hunt includes 4 species of penguins, I mounted each species on to a certain color of construction paper. For example, all the African penguins have a purple frame. This helps my second graders know where to put their answers on the recording sheet. Notice on the clipboard we also colored the header for African Penguins in purple as well.






Penguin-Trivia-Checking-Fac For the actual hunt, students use a clipboard and pencil to record answers to questions on their paper. There is no time limit since I want the students to read the information and write the correct answers.









Students can work with a partner, or search on their own at their own pace.










After the trivia hunt is completed, we will use the information for future writing projects.

PenguinPreviewJpeg Mini research reports, acrostic poems and crafts are a few of the ways students share their new learning.

Are you looking for an innovative way to get your students excited about learning? Perhaps your class is ready to go on a Trivia Hunt!

Linked below are some of the topics I’ve already prepared. Simply click, print, and cut.

PENGUINS PenguinCover


Wild About Turkeyscover TURKEYS


Bat cover BATS


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