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5 Ways to Organize Worksheets for Common Core Math Standards

August 23, 2021 1 Comment

Would you like an easy way to know the Common Core Standards for math and ELA? How can you be sure you are teaching all the common core reading standards for your grade? Do you wonder if your stash of worksheets addressed a certain standard?

As teachers, we are notorious for collecting ideas. It doesn’t take long for our files to be filled with potential learning activities. The problem is after all these years, it is hard to separate the good from the clutter.  I knew it was time to revamp my files and what better way than to design attractive labels that also correspond to the Common Core Standards!

Common Core Standards on Printable Labels

common core standards 2nd grade labels

Aren’t they cute? Those who know me, know I love adding graphics to my resources. However, these Common Core Standards file folder labels aren’t just cute, they are also very functional (something else near and dear to my heart). I made sure there was a matching label that explained which Common Core Standard matched that topic. That way, everything was at my fingertips.

I even color-coded my files for different subject areas. Call me color obsessed!

One thing I realized while doing this project is that I already have many useful teaching resources for most Common Core Standards. All I had to do was move them to the new file folder. I also weeded out the papers I’ve never used and probably won’t.

I created printable file folder labels for every Common Core Standard for each grade level K-5 .

common core standards printable labels

Common Core Curriculum Mapping Forms

Next, I realized that I needed a way to know when and how I taught the Common Core Standards as well as which materials I used. So I came up with this form to keep track of which resources I used. It also let me know at a glance which Common Core Standards I still needed to teach.

common core standards curriculum mapping forms

I have four sections per objective. I left space so I could list the name of the resource I used and whether it was an assessment or for practice. If I end up needing more than four entries, I will print another page.

I am going to put these in a 3 hole binder sorted by subject area.

Common Core Assessment Forms

Next, I made forms to progress monitor the students. I may teach it, but do they know it? That’s the ultimate goal, isn’t it?

2nd grade common core standards list

Print one for each student. Our school uses Proficient, Developing, Beginning, and Not Yet for evaluations. Since we have 4 quarters, I have 4 places to progress monitor.

Common Core I CAN Statements

But, wait… I’m not finished yet! Our district wants us to post the objectives in the classroom for the students. I used to handwrite them on the board which took extra time in the morning. Now I can stick  these up:

common core I can statements 2nd grade

I’ll print them on white card stock, cut them apart, and keep them near my Learning Goals bulletin board.

Lists of Common Core Standards

I also realized that I needed a quick and easy reference tool that listed all the Common Core Standards in concise language that was similar to the way teachers write learning goals. I keep these lists of Common Core Standards near my desk to look at when I am writing my lesson plans.

2nd grade common core standards

Common Core Organizing Toolkits for Grades K-5th

If you think these tools would be helpful to you also, they are available at my store Click on the image to find the grade level you are looking for.





When your life is in chaos, a little bit of structure and organization and be a HUGE timesaver!

Wishing you well,




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