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Tips for Reading at Home

June 26, 2016 No Comments


As educators, we realize how important it is for our students to read outside of the classroom. The challenge for parents is identifying which books are appropriate for their child. As research has shown, when children are reading independently, they should be reading books  they can comprehend. Reading books that are too difficult can lead to frustration and do not help the child grow as a reader. Also research supports allowing children to choose their own book. However, without some guidance, children often select books for reasons other than it is a good-fit for them.

A child’s independent reading level is the level at which a child can read the text on his/her own with only one miscued word in 100 words of text with 99% comprehension accuracy. The child can read the story alone with confidence. An instructional level is the level when the child needs the support of a teacher or parent. At this level new vocabulary is introduced and require support lessons for reading growth. Children are reading with 90-95% accuracy and at least 80% comprehension. When accuracy goes below 90%, this is the frustration level and not an appropriate text at this time.

So I created a resource to support parents and teachers:

Leveled Book Lists

Leveled list sample page
Guided Reading List Level J

By providing these leveled lists, parents and students have a guide to help them find appropriate titles. They can take them to the library, or use them at home searching for e-books.

Throughout the year, as you progress monitor the students, you can provide new lists that match their current independent reading level.

Also, there are  bookmarks which are helpful reminders to students when choosing books from your classroom library. There are two versions: black & white  and color. Leveled Reading bookmark bw

Another helpful tool is the parent letter. I use this to keep families informed of their child’s progress. Leveled Reading parent letter sample

For you as a teacher, these lists can help you when choosing titles for guided reading lessons as well as identifying the levels of titles you might be considering for your classroom library.

These lists are also great for the end of the school year. Parents love when you can provide appropriate lists as a reference tool for summer reading!

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