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Teachers Pay Teachers Back to School Sale!

Giving a shout-out to all my teacher friends that all Literacy Garden Resources will be 28% off on August 1st and 2nd!!

Make sure to use the Promo Code BTSFRESH to get the 28% discount.

Over the summer I started a new resources called BEYOND the READ ALOUD.

The concept is to give you a variety of ways to use a picture book during the week.

There is even a craft!!!

You know we are always looking for eye appealing ways to show off student work 😉

Here are two of my favorite read alouds for the opening days of school:


Click on any of the pictures for more details as well as seeing sample pages of these new products!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer break,


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About the Literacy Garden

When I started teaching, I quickly realized that student teaching didn't prepare me for the real challenges of being alone in a classroom full of young children. The learning curve was steep and time was limited. That is why I created the Literacy Garden. My hope is this will be a place for inspiration, mentoring, and connecting.

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